Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes De Nuits « Les Millottes »

Appellation Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes De Nuits
Cépage Chardonnay
Vignes « Les Millottes »
Food and wines pairing

Food and wine pairing Fish, white meat and cheese

Sommelier's advice

Serving temperature: 12 to 14 °C. Keep for: 3 to 5 years

Warming and robust, this Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits has floral and fruity notes on the nose. The full, smooth flavour opens up to hints of ripe fruit and spices. The finish is full-bodied.

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The worthy heirs to the cooperative movement, which began at the start of the 20th century in the Mâconnais district in the south of Burgundy, generations of wine growers have always set their hearts on revealing this sublime region which producers our superior wines. The Cave des Vignerons des Terres Secrètes is the only wine cellar in the Grand Site Solutré-Pouilly-Vergisson area. Here, everything revolves around the close relationship between human beings and nature. These historic lands have seen it all and yet still have some secrets left to reveal. See for yourselves!